As I was re-reading my last post on prayer, I giggled, as I realized, that way back then, I was asking God to let me hear His voice. Today I ask Him to let me see His face and His glory!! This makes me laugh! God is so good to me!
I have dreamt many dreams about climbing a huge hill. Sometimes it's a slight incline, and sometimes it's right, straight up, and I almost don't make it. I have to hang on for my life, and even as I write this, I get this sensation in my chest that I'm going to let go and fall down, because it's such a hard climb. I said to God the other day, "God, is this my way up to your mountain? Is this what those dreams meant? That I had to climb right straight up and it seemed like I would never be able to make it to the top!" and I haven't really got an answer, but that's what I feel like those dreams meant. I was climbing up the mountain of God. It gets harder, but sweeter. The way I know my God now. He will never let me fall.

i love you God...            july 28, 2009


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