mother - love

i guess am not really sure how to do this thing 'blogging' ... i guess i have been 'posting' haha...what ever, so here i am again...

on my way out the door in this 'rain, snow' mix for the day...going to feed the less fortunate, spiritual and natural food...for spirit and body. i love my peeps!

after, it's time to go to Mother's Room, and try to muster up some excitement abut getting with my sister, daughter to do this huge job!

will share more later...i can already smell her scent in the air...ahhhh i miss my mother...

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Comments (1)

  1. pastormike

    good for you. bless and you will be blessed.. I work in our Church’s soup kitchen every monday.. we have five churches who work together to provide at least one hot filling meal every day of the week. a great ministry..

    January 11, 2014