so i started going thru my mother's sewing many Treasures, including memories of when i was younger.  I found trinkets she saved that had to do with sewing, bobbins, needles, measuring tapes, spools, tools for the sewing machine, can's of buttons, oil, and tons of fabric, even embroidery stuff, and pillow cases she had embroidered, and table cloths, even BURLAP fabric!! her scent was on everything, and I saw how beautiful she was, and still is! after a couple of hours of sorting thru things, i rested and thought about her and cried...

i'm so sorry Mother that you had to leave us so were still a young woman.

as i watched you laying in your bed, Your Eyes looking so deep into My Eyes, I knew You were Crying out to Me to Help You...I saw Myself as an infant staring intently into My Mother's Eyes, Crying for her to pick Me up.

as You layed asleep and stirred because You were in Distress because Your bowels had released, and You needed Help to have a Fresh Clean Bed, i saw Myself as a baby fussing cause I needed my diaper changed and I needed to be Cleaned up...

as i watched you lay there and Stretch Your Arms to Me because You were Afraid for the Moment, i saw Myself as a toddler, stretching forth My Arms for Mother to Save Me, I was so Afraid,

Your Eyes Spoke So Loudly to Me in those last weeks of Life as We knew it.  You Spoke so much, yet did not Whisper a Word...oh mommah...i miss you so...

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