so we went out for dinner last night, friday, february 28...my anniversary...18 yrs.  got all dolled up and took off to go drop my grandson off to his dads house...(i am raising him). we dropped him off and headed back to the restaraunt which was only a couple of miles away...i was sure looking forward to having some lobster and prime rib...and lava, or volcano cake...YUMMY!!  we were almost there, only aabout 50 feet away or so. we came to a stop sign and we were chatting about other good places to eat.  the snowbank was kinda high to the left of us and so dave looked both ways and nothing, so we took off and started to turn left.  as soon as he pulled out this chevy cavalier comes flying out of nowhere, and dave says, "she's gonna hit us!!' I yelled out 'OH MY GOD, JESUS!!" and BAMM that car hit us so hard!!  dave stepped on the gas and raced across the lane and turned left, and she followed us and T-boned us!! i hit something, and tasted blood immediately going down my throat, and rolling down my face and chin to my dress, and down my chest. dave kept asking if i was alright, i said i think my nose is broken.  he said i might have internal injuries, and he looked at me and he had a huge gash in his forhead, blood everywhere, and he said, 'yeah your nose is bleeding'. he said, 'i'm pinned.

my head was hurting so bad. and i was starting to get cold, a car stopped and asked if we were alright. the other driver had already called 911.  it seemed like forever for anyone to get there. the state police came, and started asking questions, name, address, date of birth, what happened...the ambulance finally got there. two of them. i got my own ambulance...my neck was hurting and my back my arms a little bit. my left leg got banged up and I HAD NO SEATBELT ON!  when she hit us, i said to myself, 'dang! i should have had my seatbelt on!'

the fire trucks were there and they put me in a neck brace and got a back board. i told them to be careful cause i had a dress on and to make sure my dress was down...it was starting to get freezing cold. it was below zero somewheres...

i noticed the rearview mirror was broken off and the windshield was broken. this must be why my head hurt and nose was bleeding. i texted my pastor to pray for us that we had just been in an accident.  they really strapped me down in the ambulance and i felt like they were duct taping me good!!  i started having a panic attack and was feeling nawshus...i can't remember how to spell...so it passed. i was beginning to get concerned abouit my husband. he still wasn't out of the car.  they had to cut the door off to get him out.  she hit on the center post between the front and back door...i believed that saved his life...

our dinner was just down the street...so we're on the way to hospital. longest ride of my life. my face was full of blood and nose, and my arm was starting to hurt like i was lifting heavy weights. they took tons of xrays of all of me cuz of the pain in the neck, back arms, head, and face, legs. 

my nose is broken.  i have two black eyes. my head is pounding, and now all of the sore spots are starting to appear...i gotta wear a sling on my right arm, cause of the pain. pooling of fluid in the elbow.  everything hurts now...but mostly my face and head...my husband got banged up real good, but had a hard time with the people doing their job...right according to him...lol  honery ol cuss...

all the soreness is coming out for him too. i was so worried about him.  our car is totaled, gone. but we are still here...thank God!!  i couldn't sleep. kept replaying the scene over and over. it's awful when you can remember every single detail...i get up to move around a bit...then i start getting chills, and the pain starts throbbing in my head...i gotta go to the nose dr. on monday...sooo...o boy.

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Comments (3)

  1. pastormike

    Boy… you won’t forget this one! Congrats and get well soon…

    March 04, 2014
    1. sivole

      thank you pastormike…as a matter of fact, I look 100percent better already…and feel it!! thank God it wasn’t any worse than it was…

      March 04, 2014
      1. pastormike

        Good! Hope you have as much hapiness as I and my Liebchen. 40 years..

        March 04, 2014