So i get a phone call at 3:am sunday morning. it was a call from mary and sam's phone...i knew what that meant, and i dint answer. i listened to the voice mail, and sam said to call as soon as i got a chance...then i received a text at 630 am asking to pray for mary cause she was in the hospital.

mary was attending my bible study class in the county jail. she was a small petite older woman with a chip on her shoulder...both shoulders. has a deep southern accent, and was soaking everything in i was teaching to these women, listening so intently.

she was incarcerated for violence, destruction of property, and just causing a rukous. she was high and drunk, and not her self...

most of the women that come thru my class are there because of similar situations.

mary was on quite a few medications when she was in jail, and she had some stuff going on as did most of the women.

the most important thing i give to the women when they come to my class is Hope. many come thru my class every few months to sometimes every year...meaning they keep doing the same things that keep bringing them back to jail!

Jeremiah 29:11 - For I know the Plans I have for you declares the Lord, Plans to give You a Hope and a Future, not to Harm You. One of the first scriptures i share with them. immediately their faces change and i can see their 'thoughts' start processing...'what does that mean?' i make them explain it to me and it's right there plain as day...God has good plans for your life, hope, a future...

mary's heart was stirred with Hope.  she had been in prison before, and she desperately wanted and needed Hope, so thus began her Journey into The Kingdom of God. Learning how to be in relationship with God, which involves trusting, faith, honesty, communication. all of the things NONE of these women had. they wanted to, but did not.

mary was released months later and we connected on the outside and i hooked her up with personal things to help her continue growing in Christ. to help her Trust someone...then she got deathly sick. her hands and fingers began to turn black, almost immediately after her release. maybe a week. she came to church with me one time, then she couldn't come back for being so sick. then the mental issues got worse, and she began to be hospitalized, but stil asking for prayer and reading her bible to learn why she was getting so sick. she was fine in jail, but once she was out and on her way to the Abundant Life God had for her and BOOM there was the enemy of her soul, trying to kill her.

she was in SO MUCH pain on saturday night, that she was angry and began drinking and over-dosed on her medication...

they pumped her stomach of course and did what dr's do when something like this happens...then they sent her home, called a taxi for her ride. i hadn't seen her for atleast 6 months, dealing with my own stuff, and she was dealing with cancer next. she lost all of her hair in treatment and it was already starting to grow back. i hugged her and kissed her head and stroked her hair and she held me like a little girl, scared.

i'm going to see her tuesday evening, and we're going to strengthen her with the WORD and PRAYER...

in your daily 'quiet-time' please include prayers for My Peaches. They are so hurt and wounded, and live out of their wounds, and it's such a tangled web...i love my peaches. this is my life.


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Comments (2)

  1. sadinne

    prayers for them all..

    January 14, 2014
  2. souljasaysay

    definitely will be praying for her and the rest! the enemy will do anything to backslide someone who changed their life.. but if she keeps her faith and trust in the Lord she will overcome all obstacles!

    January 14, 2014