a usually sweet food (such as a blueberry, orange, or apple) that grows on a tree or bush

: the part of a plant that has the seeds in it (such as the pod of a pea, a nut, a grain, or a berry)

: a result or reward that comes from some action or activity

15 Lord, You No longer call Me a servant, for a servant does not know what his master is doing; but You have called Me your friend, for all things that You have heard from The Father You have made known to Me. 16 I did not chooseYou Lord, but You chose Me and appointed Me that I should go and bea FRUIT, and that My FRUIT should remain, that whatever I ask the Father in Your name Lord, He may give Me. 17 These things You command Me, that WE LOVE ONE ANOTHER. john 15:15-17



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Comments (5)

  1. sivole

    this was the tail end of her abuse…you should have seen her in the beginning…UGLY

    January 10, 2014
  2. sadinne

    oh one deserves this..

    January 10, 2014
  3. souljasaysay

    omg… I have been in her shoes, and I pray that she has the courage to walk away before it goes any further..

    January 10, 2014
  4. sivole

    She has been all done with the guy for awhile…Thank God! He almost killed her, and he only did a couple of days in jail…
    she’s come a looking way…

    January 10, 2014
  5. sivole

    A looong way…

    January 10, 2014