: the physical feeling caused by disease, injury, or something that hurts the body

: mental or emotional suffering : sadness caused by some emotional or mental problem

: someone or something that causes trouble or makes you feel annoyed or angry


So today i went to see my dad at the hospital...they have not found any infection in his (diabetic) 1/2 of his foot. his foot is ugly.  missing all five of his toes and then a little of the his 'special shoe' has rubbed the top of his foot raw, (he has no feeling) with some bones poking thru and a couple of holes not wanting to heal up and close. pusy...(gross), but we ask him over and over, "How are you doing dad?" "oh i'm ok, doing good..." so he struggles at night with chills and fevers, and pain...WHAT NEXT?!!?

So his wife of 55 years, and my mother, passed this past october. I know he has not really grieved his heart hurts for him, and I try not to be in the "Care-Taker" mode, as one of my 'fruit, a Peach actually,' from the county jail calls it...I just want to be his daughter and not behave like i am taking away his independance.  The more we say he needs help, the more he fights us...He wouldn't let us take care of our mother either...he wanted to do it cause it was His she struggled, and i know he reacted in the only way he has always done when he is attack in anger...My poor ole dad...he is 70 yrs. Still young.  mother was 71.

The time they amputated his toes was about four years ago, and the time before that for a couple of his other toes, was almost a year or so before that...oh the struggles of health...the time before that congestive heart failure, kidney failure, liver disease, high blood pressure...on top of being a very STRICT EUROPEAN

So tonight they would insert a huge needle and drain some liquid from his foot and test that for infection...Sand down the bone poking thru...if it gets into the bone (infection), then they chop some more of it off...HANG ON FOR DEAR LIFE!!!!!



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Comments (2)

  1. souljasaysay

    oh my…. my prayers are with you all!

    I read your bio and its refreshing to find someone like-minded.. I want to go into ministry, like my mother… I have always been the light among darkness with my friends.. I believe if you want to see people saved you have to get out of the physical church and go where the sinners are (like jails, school —not like the projects or murder zones) ..ive always connected with the underdogs, the misunderstood, and such.. and that is who I want to reach…. if you have a facebook look up my mothers church (the lighthouse of the living God in Lebanon, tn) I am the moderator of the page since she does not use computers, so its kinda my little platform to preach…

    well, happy blogging

    January 10, 2014
    1. sivole

      thank you so much…I just got here, but have SO much to share…GO FOR THE GUSTO!! jeremiah 29:11

      January 10, 2014